In our catalog, we have created for you a special section dedicated to the main and irreplaceable attribute of any bedroom - the bed. If you want to choose an inexpensive double bed, this section will help you find the most comfortable and cozy sleeping place. Here you will find cheap doubles, single beds (great for small rooms), beds with a lifting mechanism and spacious internal compartments. They not only meet all the requirements of functionality, but also become an excellent decoration for any interior.

The designer bed is distinguished by a stylish design, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail, as well as high quality, reliability and durability. Modern designer beds decorate interiors and immediately attract attention. Designer furniture can be put in any bedroom or, for example, a children's room, because manufacturers offer designer models in various modern styles, sizes, colors.

The variety of designer double models is simply amazing (as well as single beds), each of them has its own unique charm and style. There are the following main types of wooden beds that will look good in rooms decorated in different styles, colors and designs:
Bed with a soft base. Such models of interior beds look very cozy. They are upholstered with durable and pleasant to the touch fabrics, for example, velor, and it is comfortable to sleep on such beds. The upholstered headboard can be decorated with a stitch or other decorative elements. Such models with upholstered headboards are suitable for any interiors and will help create a serene atmosphere in the bedroom. The bed is of an unusual shape. Such models look good in bedrooms and are the main focus of interior design. This category includes not only fantasy options for sleeping places, for example, round ones, but also a designer bed with a very wide headboard or models designed in such a way that they seem to be floating in the air (for this, the legs are located a little deeper, so, so they can't be seen). Beds with enhanced functionality. This type includes models with lifting mechanisms. Under their berth there is a spacious storage compartment for a variety of things. Also, a designer bed is often equipped with a drawer or drawers. Such solutions are very practical, thanks to them it is possible to easily maintain order in the room, and also not to force it with furniture (for example, abandon the chest of drawers or choose a smaller cabinet to save more free space). Stylish designer beds can have high or low legs, or none at all. All models have their advantages: high legs make cleaning easier, and if you buy a bed without legs, you won't have to look for a fallen and rolled object under it. A designer bed with an orthopedic base and a mattress will help not only transform your bedroom and fill it with new colors, but also give you comfort, coziness and healthy sleep.

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